Welcome to the Vesterbotten Chamber of Commerce

The first Chambers of Commerce in Sweden were founded in the beginning of the 20th century and today there are 11 independent Chambers of Commerce i our country. In addition there are some 20 Swedish Chambers of Commerce outside of Sweden.

Internationally the Chamber of Commerce is a link in a chain of about 10 000 Chambers of Commerce all over the world, forming a worldwide network for business contacts.

Eurochambres in Brussels is the cooperation body of the european Chambers of Commerce. Since becoming member of the EC, the cooperation with Eurochambres is of great significance, inclucing the participation in international projects.

The Swedish Chambers of Commerce are authorized by a law from 1990. Along with the strong regional anchor this is what distinguishes the Chambers of Commerce from other business organizations. As a direct result of the law, the Chambers of Commerce issues documents and certificates needed for international trade.

The Vesterbotten Chamber of Commerce is owned, controlled and financed by about 300 member companies. The member companies range from the small to the large and represent all industries. Our principal task is to act on behalf of our members so that they have the best opportunities for running their businesses. Through economic-political work, arranging meeting points for the companies and service for our members we accomplish that.

Economic-political work

The Vesterbotten Chamber of Commerce influences the creation of public opinion and we speak for the trade and industry to politicians, authority and the public sector. Examples are

  • transportation of both people and goods
  • developing information- and communication technology
  • education
  • other factors important to having an attractive economic-political environment

Meeting point

The Vesterbotten Chamber of Commerce is a meeting point for the companies of the county. In order to pick up views in different matters, we arrange networks and work groups. We regularly invite our members to interesting and useful seminars and training programmes.

Through our three offices in the county we have strong local presence. You can find us in Skellefteå, Umeå and Lycksele, for contact information click here.

 Member service

Our members can without cost turn to us with questions regarding foreign trade. Through our national and international network, we can be of great help to our member companies. Members also get a discount on trade documents and ATA-carnets issued by us. Through our national magazine "Global View" and our regional newsletter members receive information concering current affairs.

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